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Pacman 4000 1.0 Nakencow
Description: Pacman 4000 is a superb pacman classic game.
Fast paced action, clever ghosts, increasing difficulty per level, is what makes this pacman a real top game.

This game features multiple levels. The map does stay the same in each level. The artificial intelligence of the ghosts changes per lvl. In the first lvl the ghosts only drift around a bit while in the 5th lvl they will chase you around and try to corner you from all sides!

Pacman 4000 screenshot
Platform: Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003 Category: Games & Entertainment::Arcade
Type: Freeware Cost: $0.00 US Size: 651 K Released: 2004-09-14
Pacman 4000 download: http://www.freeware1.com/download/3069/pacmandownload.php
Keywords: Pacman clasic arcade game play fun 4000

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