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Snake 1.3
New 3D version of snake with an entirely new look! Plunge into the game using yo
62691 KB
Death In The Dark 1.6
A blood curdling scream awakens you, and you immediately run out onto the street
174462 KB
Duck Hunt 9.2
Duck Hunt. The cult classic video game released by Nintendo in 1984 for the NES
3116 KB
Duck Hunter Reload 8.3
Shoot the ducks just like you did back in the day on your TV played through a..
5442 KB
Neon Ball Quest 3.4
This new game is made in a neon style and combines elements of platforming and p
71870 KB
Neon Coliseum 1.3
Once in a very distant colored galaxy a hero was born, who was not like the othe
107519 KB
Zombie Hangar 1.6
After numerous attacks by a zombie on the warehouse, you are left alone. The rei
64011 KB
Brainteaser Cubes 9.3
Brainteaser Cubes is a 3D puzzle game in which you will need to open...
22156 KB
II Players Pong 1.2
A simple game for two people whose goal is to beat the ball with plates that are
3350 KB
Kaleidoscope 2017 3.6
Kaleidoskope 2017 is a simulator of the classic kaleidoscope invented by Sir Dav
4492 KB

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