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Sujiva 2.6
Welcome to the world of steampunk, a vast world of steam engines, fantasy creatu
211919 KB
Find The Goblins 2.4
The goblins attacked the small village and carried away valuable things. The mai
111800 KB
Knife Demon 2.0
You was sent to the Earth to make first step towards conquering the human world.
117012 KB
Lost Island 3.4
A mysterious storm sank your ship and although you may have narrowly escaped on
157720 KB
Rolling Ball Meteor Attack 3.1
Rolling Ball: Meteorite Attack - this is a simple, casual arcade game about mete
113038 KB
Verum 2.5
Verum is an action adventure game set in ancient times where you have to conquer
122966 KB
WW 2 Defender 4.4
German troops invaded the city and your task is to repel the attack. The enemy h
181634 KB
BOB 2.2
BOB is a small indie game. In it, the character will run forward by himself, and
114496 KB
Boxing Ball FPP 1.8
BoxingBallFPP is a game about stuffing a ball on an elastic band. With the left
121048 KB
Click Of Nigthmares 2.5
Click of Nightmares is an incremental game in which you control your character,
194140 KB

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